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Shanghai high

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Scaling 121 stories of steel girders takes nerves of steel, as two unflappable daredevils – a Russian and a Ukrainian – recently proved by climbing Shanghai Tower and filming the vertiginous ordeal.

Donning army camos, black hoodies and face masks, Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov evoke a Black Bloc aesthetic and an even more nonchalant attitude when readying themselves to scrape the sky with their own fingers.

As the self-styled ‘skywalkers’ approach three super-tall buildings in Pudong district underneath an overcast sky, one of them jokingly suggests, almost as an afterthought, “Hey, right now we need to think just how we’re going to climb this thing.”

We’re great admirers of the work of the RNLI and recently came across an amazing new open-air photography exhibition by professional photographer and volunteer lifeboat crew member Nigel Millard.

The exhibition, currently on London’s South Bank, displays a selection of nearly 500 iconic images taken for a new book of RNLI life. Titled, The Lifeboat: Courage on our Coasts, it offers an insight into the day-to-day work of the RNLI all around the UK and Ireland.

There are due to be open-air exhibitions at six locations: Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin and Birmingham.

Nigel-Millard-4Nigel-Millard-2Nigel-Millard-1Nigel-Millard-3 NFC business cards have incorporated NFC (Near field communication) technology into their latest range of business cards. Embedded in the card is a tiny microchip, that when touched to a smartphone, the chip will ask the phone to do something you’ve told it to. This could be to download your portfolio, play music or video, load a web page, maps or an app, save your contact details, etc. Even better, with the use of an app, they’re reprogrammable so you can use the cards individually for different purposes.

NFC business cards by

NFC Business Cards from MOO from MOO.COM on Vimeo.

macro bee image

These incredible images were taken by Sam Droege, the head of the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program in Maryland, USA.

The USGS is an organization that monitors the health and habitat of bees in North America.

“When we started looking at these pictures, I just wanted to gaze at these shots for long periods of time,” Sam says. “I had seen these insects for many years, but the level of detail was incredible. The fact that everything was focused, the beauty and the arrangement of the insects themselves — the ratios of the eyes, the golden means, the french curves of the body, and the colors that would slide very naturally from one shade to another were just beautiful! It was the kind of thing that we could not achieve at the highest level of art”.

More of the images can be seen at the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab flickr page.

Macro Bee portraits

Temari balls

Temari balls are a form of folk art that originated in China and were introduced to Japan in the 7th century. The carefully hand-embroidered balls often made from the thread of old kimonos were created by parents or grandparents and given to children on New Year’s day as a special gift. According to Wikipedia the balls would sometimes contain secret handwritten wish for the child, or else contained some kind of noise-making object like a bell.

Flickr user NanaAkua photographed this amazing collection of geometric spheres created by her 88-year-old grandmother who began to master the art in her 60s. She has since created hundreds of them, nearly 500 of which you can see here.

Temari balls

Temari balls

Temari balls

GQ freedman chair article

We always knew the FreedMan Chair was going to change people’s lives, but now it’s been confirmed by UK GQ magazine. The 2013 Christmas edition has a great feature titled: “100 best things in the world right now!” which covers everything from actors, wines, products, to music and films.

The FreedMan chair is no. 64 on the list (not in order of importance), so a great bit of exposure for Simon Freedman and his team.

FreedMan Chair